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    • From Xian to Kashgar

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Afghanistan’s giant Bamiyan Buddhas were newly carved and covered in gold when a 7th-century Chinese pilgrim saw them glittering above a fertile valley. Xuanzang penned the first description of them, and much more, during his epic 16-year journey through Central Asia.

Join journalist Joyce Morgan as she traces Xuanzang’s travels and his influence on artists, explorers and archaeologists today. His accounts of the art, places and people he encountered – from temples to kings to naked ascetics – have transformed our understanding of this cultural melting pot. An intrepid traveller and an astute eyewitness, he was part Christopher Columbus and part Samuel Pepys.

Joyce Morgan has travelled extensively throughout this region and co-authored Journeys on the Silk Road. She will lead the Art Gallery Society of NSW’s tour The Silk Road: From Xian to Kashgar in September 2014. Find out more

10am Coffee, Domain Theatre Foyer
10.30am Talk, Centenary Auditorium

Saturday 15 February 2014, 10am

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Location: Centenary Auditorium

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