An image of 'Kurteh' or 'chyrpy' (woman's cape)

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'Kurteh' or 'chyrpy' (woman's cape)

Other titles:
Yellow ground woman's coat
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This type of coat was worn over a dress and trousers. It is shaped so it can cover the head, and was worn when a woman moved outside the house. The yellow ground signifies that the garment was worn by a middle-aged woman, and is much rarer than the black ground coats worn by younger women. The dummy sleeves at the back are typical of this type of costume. Slits for the arms seem to have been added to this piece at a later stage. (The different names for this type of garment reflect the diversity of languages used across different Central Asian communities.)

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, 2008.

Place of origin
Cultural origin
Tekke tribespeople. Western Turkestan region
circa 20th century
embroidered yellow silk ground with woven tasselled edging; cotton lining of block printed handwoven cloth
117.0 cm
Gift of John Yu and George Soutter in memory of Dee Court 2008
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