An image of Lidded jar 'in the manner of Lang Yao'

Ernest Finlay

(Australia circa 1890 – 1930)

Lidded jar 'in the manner of Lang Yao'

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'As mentioned previously the vase is submitted special suggestion of Mr W. H. Ifould, and I can refer you to that gentleman, and also to Mr Charles Laseron (referee for the Customs) for valuation. The piece can be described as a transmutation glaze, done directly in the manner of Lang Yao, the ancient Chinese master potter, and remarkably full of interest, displaying many phases of copper reds and a variety of reduction effects closely simulating the best Chinese pieces. The piece was designed and entirely fashioned by me at the above studio [Gika Gika Pottery, 99 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove] and fired by me in the kiln at my plant. The body and glaze formulae, as well as the firing technique, are all my own devising, and exclusively used at my pottery' Letter from Finlay, 2 March 1933 [78/1933]

glazed earthenware
27.0h x 12.1 cm diam.
Purchased 1933
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