An image of Titania's awakening. A midsummer night's dream

Thomas Ryder

(England 1746 – 1810)

after Henry Fuseli

(England 1741 – 16 Apr 1825)

Titania's awakening. A midsummer night's dream

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Vol I, plate XXI, Boydell Shakespeare

Titania, Queen of the Fairies, has just woken from her spell and tells Oberon of what she believes was a dream in which she was in love with an ass. Oberon points to Bottom asleep beside her and orders Puck to remove his ass’s head (it appears at the top centre of the print), thus revealing that her dream had been an enchanted reality. A group of ballerina-like fairies occupy the left side of the composition. On the right are gathered three evil fairies or witches, one of whom clutches her goblin offspring. In the foreground a group of tiny fairies use Bottom’s wooden clog as a boat.

stipple engraving
49.5 x 63.0 cm platemark; 52.0 x 69.5 cm sheet
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Not signed. Not dated.
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