An image of Bacchanal with a wine vat

Andrea Mantegna

(Italy 1430-1431 – 1506)

Bacchanal with a wine vat

Other titles:
Bacchanalians with a wine vat, Bacchanal with a wine press
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Mantegna's art epitomizes the revival of the artistic ideas of antiquity that defines the Italian Renaissance. This classical scene was probably inspired by a Roman frieze, as might appear on a sarcophagus. In a setting of pagan revelry, the deity Bacchus is crowned with a vine wreath while a satyr dances in a puddle of wine and two inebriated putti lie sprawled in the foreground. The collector's mark at the top of the sheet, although partly cropped, identifies this engraving as having once belonged to Pope Benedict XIV (1675-1758). Most of his art collection was left to the city of Bologna.

early 1470s
29.2 x 42.9 cm (trimmed irregularly insde platemark)
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Not signed. Not dated.
Purchased 1938
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