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Jean Bellette

(Australia, Spain 1908 – 16 Mar 1991)

Coastal still life

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Jean Bellette's interest in classical mythological subjects as conveyors of societal values and desires placed her outside the mainstream of modernist production. While consistent with the principles of her broader practice, her still life paintings reveal her exploration of formalist problems and demonstrate her use of modernist techniques such as the creation of ambiguous space and geometric simplification of forms.

'Coastal still life' is one of a number of still lifes Bellette produced during the 1950s, portraying an arrangement of vessels with fruit and flowers. Strong shadows are cast enhancing the geometic qualities of the objects and their rich tonal relationships. The background presents an unresolvable space with a hazy sky amid rectangular, cubist-inspired forms used as compositional devices by the artist.

oil on hardboard
85.8 x 109.8 cm board; 107.6 x 132.6 x 7.3 cm frame
Signature & date
Signed l.r. corner, red oil "J Bellette". Not dated. Signed u.r. verso, black oil ".../ Jean Bellette".
Purchased 1955
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