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Richard Prince

(United States of America 06 Aug 1949 – )

Untitled (cowboy)

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Richard Prince was part of the Pictures Generation of artists of the 1970s and 80s who ransacked the image banks of popular culture, redeploying mass-media imagery in politically subversive ways. Taking magazine advertising as his point of departure, Prince’s work both reflects and critiques American culture.

Prince’s use of advertising material was informed by a period of employment at the Time-Life Corporation, where he cut articles from popular magazines, leaving behind the advertisements. He began re-photographing these advertisements, cropping, refocusing and otherwise altering the images to suit his own purposes.

‘Untitled (cowboy)’, a politically charged image, is taken from a Marlboro advertisement. Stripped of its logo and branding paraphernalia, the image evokes a masculine ideal, harking back to a fantasy of pastoralist America life.

Ektacolor photograph
181.5 x 271.5 cm sight; 186.0 x 276.0 x 5.8 cm frame
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Signed Certificate of authenticity, black ink "Richard Prince".
John Kaldor Family Collection at the Art Gallery of New South Wales
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© Richard Prince
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