Land art

	Christo and Jeanne-Claude Wrapped Coast, Little Bay, Australia 1969
  • 	Christo and Jeanne-Claude Wrapped Coast, Little Bay, Australia 1969
  • 	Richard Long Stone line 1977
  • 	Perejaume Marc a l’encesa 1990
  • 	Richard Long Southern gravity 2011

Questions and activities

  • Think about the entire process involved in creating each of the artworks listed here. Besides the artist, who else might have been involved? Make a list of all the possible roles that might have been necessary. Consider the processes that might have been used to visualise the work before starting to make it. In small groups, collaborate to create a drawing of a land art work based on an interesting landmark in your area.
  • In the works listed here, how has each artist used the natural world as a medium for art? Using Richard Long’s Stone line as inspiration, collect objects from nature every day for one week. Create a sculpture using only these objects and document your final work.
  • Research land art, including the meaning of the term ‘ephemera’ and its application to this art form. Why do land artists document their work?
  • Find out more about Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s art practice, particularly the project Wrapped Coast, Little Bay, One Million Square Feet, Sydney, Australia 1968-69. Imagine you were there at the time and write a description of how you might have felt. Consider the artists’ use of fabric. How might the project have been different if they had used a more transparent fabric for the Sydney project?
  • Compare the elements seen in Perejaume’s Marc a l’encesa to those you might see in an historical landscape. How has Perejaume depicted the landscape in new ways? What is the significance of the burning frame? Describe how this work is a frame within a frame within a frame.