Frank Stella Untitled 1965
  • 	Frank Stella Untitled 1965
  • 	Richard Serra Plate, pole, prop 1969, 1983
  • 	Carl Andre The way north, south and west (uncarved blocks) 1975
  • 	Donald Judd Untitled 1975

Questions and activities

  • List the main shapes you can see in these artworks. What type of shapes are they? Working in groups, choose one of the works and use your own bodies to try to recreate its form. Adopt poses that show what it reminds you of or how you react to it. Photograph the shapes you make.
  • In the Gallery, look at these works from different places in the room. What happens when you move around? Do you think everyone sees these works in exactly the same way?
  • Many minimalist works use materials in their raw forms. Do any of the works listed here use materials in this way? Discuss the materials they do use and how the works might have been constructed. Consider how the use of materials and techniques affects how we view and value the works.
  • Research the meaning of the word 'minimalist’. Describe how each of these works fits with this definition. What similarities and differences can you find between the works?
  • 'What you see is what you see,’ said Frank Stella in 1964. What does this mean? How do the works listed here relate to this meaning? Research Stella‚Äôs work and outline how his art-making reflects minimalist practice.