James Angus Bugatti type 35 2006

James Angus

Australia, USA b1970
Angus’s installations in galleries often question our perception of what we know and what is possible. In 2004 at the Art Gallery of NSW, for example, he seemed to squeeze a full-size MACK truck between the doorways of the Gallery’s contemporary project space.

Born in Perth, Angus studied fine arts at Curtin University and was a Fulbright scholar at the Yale University School of Art, where he completed his masters. He now lives and works in Sydney and New York.

Bugatti type 35 2006

Angus has replicated a famous racing car in extraordinary detail, but also distorted it 30 degrees to the right. In his work, this immaculately designed and engineered symbol of the modern age and mechanical progress can no longer support itself upright.

The subjects of most of Angus’s sculptures already exist in the world, either as natural creatures (in which case, he emphasises their sculptural nature) or man-made structures (often architectural or manufactured forms, which he shifts by precise mathematical adjustments to physics, gravity and geometry). By creating alternate models, Angus bends our experience of these familiar objects and makes us see them in a new way.