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Letters to a Young Poet

written by Rainer Maria Rilke

Penguin Books Ltd | ISBN 9780141192307

Paperback – 160 pages


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Originally written to a young man considering a career in the German military, Rainer Maria Rilke's beautiful letters explore a huge range of subjects delicately and with a passionate sensitivity. The recipient, Franz Kappus, began to send his poetry to the 27-year-old Rilke when a student, seeking advice. Their correspondence lasted from 1902 to 1908, and Kappus collated and published the ten letters after Rilke's death. The letters contain insights which are as profound today as when they were written, touching on sexuality, love, creativity and other aspects of the human condition. The book is perennially and hugely influential in the US, where it enjoys the 'accolade' of being Lady Gaga's favourite book.


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