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The Oxford Companion To Aboriginal Art and Culture

written by Sylvia Kleinert, Margo Neale

Oxford University Press | ISBN 9780195506495

Hardback – 804 pages

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This unique publication provides a wide-ranging and intellectually challenging reference to indigenous Australian art, covering documented archaeologically traditions, art styles of the early contact period and the nineteenth century, and the development of the remarkably diverse contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art practices that have attracted so much attention in recent years. The Companion draws upon much original research on art and culture in remote Aboriginal communities, and on the emergence of Aboriginal art in urban institutions, markets, and exhibitions. Academics, graduates, and general readers will find concise and authoritative analysis on specific topics and regional traditions, unavailable even in specialist databases. Distinguished indigenous and non-indigenous scholars have been commissioned to write on individuals, artistic traditions, and historical shifts. The Companion will address more fully than any previous book important regional variations and historical developments in relation to colonial occupation and white Australian society over time. The Companion's primary emphasis is upon visual art, though survey entries on indigenous literature, theatre, and music among other areas provide a wider context. The 400 illustrations are extensively captioned and some of the entries will be read as visual storyboards, equally as important as the essays. Complementing this focus on visuality, there will be additional reference material: maps, diagrams, chronologies providing a comprehensive listing of the major exhibitions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, locally and oveseas and guides to further reading.


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