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The Artful Universe Expanded

written by John Barrow

Oxford University Press | ISBN 9780199601332

Paperback – 336 pages


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In The Artful Universe John Barrow explored the close ties between our aesthetic appreciation and the basic nature of the universe, challenging the commonly held view that our sense of beauty is entirely free and unfettered. It looked at some of the unexpected ways in which the structure of the universe, its laws, its environments, and above all its underlying mathematical structure imprints itself on our thoughts, our aesthetic preferences, and our views about the nature of things. The study of the underpinnings of our aesthetic sense, and of the nature and scale of the universe, has grown over the past decade with developments in evolutionary psychology and in cosmology. This paperback of the revised edition (2005) contains eight new sections covering the recent discoveries of extrasolar planets, fashionable postmodernist rejection of science as uncovering objective reality, growing understanding of key ratios appearing in biological relationships, and studies of the underlying mathematical structure of a Pollock painting.


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