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Mcsweeneys Issue 26

written by Dave Eggers

Hamish Hamilton Pty | ISBN 9780241144114

Hardback – 320 pages


Member’s price: $44.96

Welcome to yet another design-busting treat from Dave Eggers and his team - and one which gives you the added bonus of three books in one. Firstly, there's Where to Invade Next with all the vital guidelines - the threats, the steps, the targets - on how the US should go about launching its next seven wars. And then there are two small, oblong selections of paperback fiction from the US and abroad, spanning subjects from pigs eaten by Serbians, auto mechanics still reeling from Katrina and Bosnian detergent factories. Read them one at a time, or all at once, but know that this one's got it all - whirlwind visions of the world of today, and hard-eyed essays about which parts of it should be blown up immediately.


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