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Photography, History and the National Library of Australia

written by Helen Ennis

National Library of Australia | ISBN 9780642107923

Paperback – 287 pages


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The National Library holds more than 600 000 photographs in its Pictures Collection. This large collection of images is contemporary, diverse, exciting, historic, whimsical and unexpected, embodying the challenge and pathos of history and the extraordinary dimensions of memory. Now, in this first representative survey of the Library's photographic holdings, Helen Ennis introduces us to Australia from the 1840s to the present as we have never seen before - at peace and at war, and in all of its splendour and ordinary dailiness, as seen through the cameras of Charles Bayliss, Samuel Sweet, Olive Cotton, May and Minna Moore, Peta Hill, Frank Hurley, Harold Cazneaux, Max Dupain, Philip Gostelow, Raymond de Berquelle, Wolfgang Sievers and many more.


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