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The Basics of Throwing

written by David Cohen

A & C Black Publishing | ISBN 9780713681291

Paperback – 144 pages


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A back-to-basics approach to throwing, covering the essential and fundamental principles. Looking at each movement in depth in the beginning stages, examining the way the clay moves and the pressures needed to control it. This book will cover all the crucial parts of learning to throw for beginners, centring the clay, making a cylinder, developing shapes from the basic cylinder form (i.e. jugs, bowls etc.), and the importance of design and proportion in forms. The book uses lots of very clear photographs in step-by-step sequences using arrows to show exactly how the clay is moving and controlled so that the beginner gets a full understanding of the process. Finally, there will be a section examining the work of specific potters, looking at how they have developed their work, along with a critique of their use of form and decoration.


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