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Complete Book of Heroic Australian Women

Twenty One Pioneering Women Whose Stories Changed History

written by Susanna De Vries

Harper Collins | ISBN 9780732290061

Paperback – 640 pages


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Providing inspiration for today′s women, in this book of profiles, Susanna de Vries examines what it takes to be a truly heroic Australian.
Women of grit and courage, women of integrity, resilience and resourcefulness: the 21 individuals whose stories make up THE COMPLETE BOOK OF HEROIC AUSTRALIAN WOMEN were a rare breed. They faced different tests -- harshness as pioneers in outback Australia; the turmoil of war -- but when encountering adversity, even death, each proved her mettle. From Olive King, who saved countless lives in the war-ravaged Balkans, to Vivian Bullwinkel, who survived the Bangka Island Massacre only to endure three tragedy-filled years in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp, to Jeannie Gunn, who turned her experiences of hostile outback conditions into a classic book.
We of the Never-Never, these are women who displayed extraordinary determination in often terrible circumstances.


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