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Chameleon's Colours

written by Chisato Tashiro

North South Books | ISBN 9780735823174

Board book – 32 pages


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What if lions had stripes and elephants had polka dots and . . . ? Chameleon is tired of constantly changing colors. He blends in wherever he goes and no one ever sees him! Hippo, however, is envious of Chameleon. He would love to be a different color. Surprisingly, all of the other animals in the jungle would, too! So, Chameleon sets to work painting strips on the lion and polka-dots on the elephant. He uses every color and pattern under the sun. But, as the animals soon learn, changing their original appearance causes problems they never expected.Chameleon is tired of blending in wherever he goes. How much fun it would be to paint himself--and everyone else--in checks and spots and stripes!


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