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The Alchemist's Kitchen

Extraordinary Potions & Curious Notions

written by Guy Ogilvy

Walker Books | ISBN 9780802715401

Hardback – 64 pages


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In this exquisite book, top laboratory alchemist Guy Ogilvy initiates the reader into some of the key concepts and practices of this extraordinary field of study. It includes extensive appendices.

From the revelation of fire to medieval quests for the legendary Philosopher s Stone, the alchemical path has attracted many great minds. Packed with recipes for herbal elixirs, soothing balms, heady scents, rich pigments, dazzling glass, refined metals, and potent solvents, The Alchemist s Kitchen will appeal to anyone fascinated by the past and the occult world. From the legendary Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus and Paracelcus spagyric medicine, to the ancient science of the four elements and the symbolic associations of medieval pigment recipes, and illustrating his book with old engravings and original art, Guy Ogilvy takes you inside medieval laboratories and kitchens to explore the sacred secrets of matter.


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