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Twelve Australian Photo Artists

written by Blair French, Daniel Palmer

Piper Press | ISBN 9780975190173

Hardback – 192 pages


Member’s price: $67.50

"Twelve Australian Photo Artists" offers a comprehensive introduction to the work of twelve artists whose photographic practice has been central to the development of contemporary Australian art. Lavishly illustrated chapters trace the development of their work from the 1980s to the present, drawing out their key themes, while simultaneously providing insight into the changing conceptions and uses of photography by artists. Pat Brassington combines dream and memory fragments, history and fantasy to create images of fear, desire and longing. Brenda L. Croft investigates the richness and complexity of Indigenous Australian experience. Destiny Deacon employs satire to manipulate racist stereotypes in work that is volatile, dynamic, humane and generous. Simryn Gill negotiates experiences of history and geography through making and circulating photographs. Bill Henson pictures the ambiguous zone of adolescent desire in works of imagination and sensibility. Rosemary Laing creates large-scale photographic scenes that dramatise human interaction with the natural world. Tracey Moffatt often fuses violence and humour in images full of artifice that ultimately present real and important subjects. Debra Phillips uses photography to evoke the way the past reveberates in the present. Jacky Redgate investigates photography as a representational system and the ways it underscores vision, space and memory. Julie Rrap's photography is energetic and playful, with strange inconguities and unexpected twists and turns. David Stephenson uses the camera in an ongoing search for a photographic sublime. Anne Zahalka's photography questions stereotypes and explores the sometimes blurry line between the natural and the artificial.


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