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Doodle with Maisy

written by Lucy Cousins

Walker Books | ISBN 9781406344998

Paperback – 80 pages


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Creative Maisy fans - it's time to make your mark! Take your pencil on a doodling adventure in this irresistible Maisy activity book created by Lucy Cousins! Maisy Loves to doodle! Do you? Join her as she squiggles, scribbles and wiggles her way through pages and pages of fun things to imagine, draw and colour. Will your picture have spots, stripes or swirls? Will it be long, tall or short? Will it have eyes, a nose or a tail? You can doodle dinner on a plate, colour in the alphabet, add passengers to Maisy's bus and so much more! This book is jam-packed with lots of encouraging activities; some pages only show black outlines and other pages are bursting with colour. The perfect introduction to drawing for young budding artists! It includes great square format with rounded corners - perfect for opening out flat on the table or floor - and contains art paper designed to be doodled on. Maisy as you've never seen her before! For the first time ever, Lucy Cousins has drawn Maisy in a new, doodley style


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