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Yoko Ono

Collector of Skies

written by Nell Beram

Abrams | ISBN 9781419704444

Hardback – 184 pages


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This biography written for young adults explores the life and art of Yoko Ono, from her childhood haikus to her involvement in Fluxus and experimental music. The focus remains on why Yoko is an important artist, not just the wife of one of the world's most legendary performers. An incredibly inspiring and moving story for young people who are interested in following their dreams to become an artist or who have ever contemplate "what is art" or "what is beauty." An outcast throughout most of her life and misunderstood by every group she was supposed to belong to, Yoko followed her own unique vision to create art and music that was ahead of its time and would later be celebrated. She continues to be an important voice for peace to this day.

Artist: Yoko Ono


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