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On Assignment With National Geographic

written by Mark Collins Jenkins

National Geographic | ISBN 9781426210136

Paperback – 136 pages


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In this elegant tribute to National Geographic's 125 years of rousing history, veteran journalist Mark Collins Jenkins - one of the world's foremost experts on the National Geographic Society - shines a new light on the explorers, scientists, photographers, and adventurers who have inspired millions around the world. This latest entry to our small-format, high design vintage line of books is updated with the last ten years of incredible stories. At the heart of it are the epic moments and riveting photographs that have made National Geographic the most respected scientific institution in the world. It's all here, from Jacques Cousteau, Louis Leakey, and Jane Goodall to Spencer Wells, Sylvia Earle, Enric Sala, James Cameron, and countless other explorers and their achievements. This book is a classic in itself and complements National Geographic 125 Years.


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