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Art of Manliness Collection

Skills and Manners

written by Brett McKay

Walter Foster Publishing | ISBN 9781440322488

Paperback – 496 pages


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This limited-edition collection contains a wealth of information and inspiration for the modern man. Included inside are the following books: The Art of Manliness. This book is dedicated to helping men uncover what manliness means in the 21st century, from rediscovering the outdoors to dressing with panache to becoming a good father. The Art of Manliness: Manvotionals. This book contains the manliest wisdom of the ages--a myriad of poems, quotes, and essays designed to inspire men to live life to the fullest and realize their complete potential as men. Together, housed in a classic cigar box, they make the perfect gift for any man (or soon-to-be man) who is conscious of leaving his mark on this world. Also includes 6 drink coasters!


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