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Closet Monsters

Stitch Creatures You'll Love from Clothing You Don't

written by John Murphy

Lark Books | ISBN 9781600596049

Paperback – 144 pages


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This is a green solution to out-of-style jumpers and ill-fitting jeans. It includes 13 fun projects for different closet monsters. It features charming illustrations produced by the author. Quick, there's a monster in your closet! No? Then make one! Every closet hides a multitude of out-of-style sweaters, pearl-trimmed jackets, ill-fitting jeans...and worse. Fortunately, the inimitable John Murphy of "Stupid Sock Creatures" fame has devised a 'green' solution: take those ugly pink sport coats and muumuus and turn them into goofy goonies, multi-legged monsters and other awesomely adorable creatures. They're all charmingly illustrated with cartoonish elan by the author himself.


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