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I Don't Believe in Dragons

written by Anna Walker

Scholastic | ISBN 9781741694994

Paperback – 32 pages


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Introducing a brand new hardback picture book all about dragons! From the bestselling and award-winning author/illustrator Anna Walker.

It's a fun school story that contains arguably, the cutest dragon ever seen in a picture book! Everyone in Miss May's class believes in dragons-except for Jack. When the other children join in the game of imagining a dragon at school, Jack refuses to play along. Is there anything that can convince him?

When my first child went to Fordham Avenue Kinder, she would tell me about a dinosaur that lived under the kinder who was very shy. Some children did not believe the dinosaur was there. When my second child went to kinder he came home with tales of a dragon that lived on the piano, who only came out when the children were quiet. When my third child went to kinder he knew all about the dragon and thought his favourite place to play would be in the sandpit. This story is about a special place where children and dragons can all use their imagination. ~ Anna Walker


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