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Unguided Tours

Anne Landa Award for Video & New Media Arts 2011

written by Justin Paton

Art Gallery of NSW | ISBN 9781741740677

Paperback – 56 pages


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The Anne Landa Award is an acquisitive award focused on moving-image practices and the application of new tecnologies to contemporary art. This year the exhibitiion presents work by artists from Australia and New Zealand, including several who are now based farther afield. Guest curator Jusin Paton has invited seven artists to present new and recent works that respond to the theme "unguided tours', taking us on journeys through landscapes that are both real and conjured, using the latitude provided by digital media to create rich and imaginative art experiences. Video mingles with computer animation, kinetic sculpture and an immersive gaming environment, offering audiences and opportunity to engage with the diverse practices that characterise this evolving field of art making.


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