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Second Skin

Choosing and Caring for Textiles and Clothing

written by India Flint

Murdoch Books | ISBN 9781741967210

Hardback – 288 pages


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Almost from the moment of our birth, clothing acts as our second skin, yet we rarely consider where our clothes have come from and the effects they might have on the environment and ourselves. This heartfelt, practical and topical book is about easily achievable ways in which we can care for our planet by living simpler lives and using fewer resources, specifically those to do with cloth and clothing. Beautifully photographed and illustrated by the author, it presents information and inspiration on selecting, acquiring, wearing, caring for, making and repurposing textiles and clothing. This title offers timely, positive and inspiring advice on how the individual can make a difference through their clothing choices in solving the problems of global warming, pollution and scarce resources. It is full of sound, practical advice and information, with additional projects accompanied by detailed instructions and beautiful photography. The materials and tools used are easily found or made in the average home and garden.


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