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Blogging for Photographers

written by Jolie Anne O'Dell

Ilex | ISBN 9781781579978

Paperback – 160 pages


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Why photo-blogging matters and how to do it well Photographers of the past rose to fame through word-of-mouth, as editors swapped names and compared notes. Success was elusive, and publication went only to the favoured few. Those days are, happily, gone and now anyone can get their work noticed, sharing their skill and passion with an unsuspecting world. A photo blog is the key: a deceptively simple, powerful tool that if well managed will take you from unknown to photo star. This book is for photographers enthusiast and pro alike who want to make that journey, and it teaches all the key skills necessary to set up, maintain and build the audience of a successful photo blog. From the technicalities to the principles of writing appealing posts, let top blogger Jolie ODell be your expert guide.


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