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The Renaissance is synonymous with glorious religious art and great epic masterpieces, but one of the greatest and most successful contemporary artists was working to a completely different theme. Guiseppe Arcimboldo became celebrated for his wonderfully eccentric and truly extraordinary portraits of fruits and vegetables, roots and animals which he composed into witty portraits and teasing allegorical allusions. For instance, he would paint an apparently ordinary bowl of fruits and flowers but, if it was turned 180 degrees, it magically became a face. The paintings become even more densely embroidered in meaning if account is taken of their astrological, spiritual and imperial facets, all clearly explained here. Arcimboldo was a prolific artist but, sadly, many of his paintings have completely disappeared and only about 20 are known to survive. They and the times in which he lived are examined in detail in this lavishly illustrated tribute. 96 pocket-sized pages in full colour with chronology.

Artist: Guiseppe Arcimboldo


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