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The Wonderful Wonder of Wonders

written by Jonathan Swift

Oneworld Publications | ISBN 9781847491329

Hardback – 112 pages


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A glorious exercise in cheeky punmanship, "The Wonderful Wonder of Wonders" sees Jonathan Swift in fine form. Flying by the seat of his pants, the great author treats us to a condensed biography of his posterior, enlivened by some inspired wordplay. Originally a mockery of the proposed establishment of a national bank in his native Ireland, and the climate of financial hysteria that inspired it, Swift's pamphlet contains some timely economic scepticism, as well as a healthy dose of scatological double entendres. Most famous for his masterpiece "Gulliver's Travels", Jonathan Swift was the foremost satirist of his day. Also including a selection of Swift's other lesser-known works, this volume will be a hilarious and illuminating read for any fans of Ireland's most illustrious wit.


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