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The Best Art You've Never Seen

101 Hidden Treasures From Around the World

written by Julian Spalding

Rough Guides | ISBN 9781848362710

Paperback – 288 pages


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Across the globe there are scores of beautiful and unusual works of art that are largely unseen or fail to receive the critical acclaim they deserve. "The Best Art You've Never Seen" is your essential companion to this hidden world of artistic treasures. Travelling from Peru to Papua New Guinea, "The Best Art You've Never Seen" restores to view 101 wonderful treasures - uncovering neglected artistic wonders from off-beat corners of the world to store rooms in the world's great museums. Written by art expert and former museum director Julian Spalding, "The Best Art You've Never Seen" takes you into a world of beautiful and arresting artefacts and reveals their amazing stories. It unveils a surprising and unfamiliar alternative canon of works to offer a fresh and controversial take on the world of art.


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