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Art Therapy and Postmodernism

Creative Healing Through a Prism

written by Helene Burt

Jessica Kingsley Publishers | ISBN 9781849052535

Paperback – 400 pages


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'The purpose of this book is to answer the question, “What is postmodernism and what does it mean for art therapists?” If we were to shine art therapy through a prism, what would it do?'

Art Therapy and Postmodernism brings together the work of international art therapists with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. These practitioners, however, share a common postmodern belief that art is a unique way of expressing and mediating the human condition and that art therapy should not be a diagnostic tool but a collaborative healing process between the therapist and the client. With detailed case studies throughout and methods of inquiry that
draw on psychotherapy, aesthetics and philosophy, this book is a comprehensive exploration of art therapy from a postmodernist perspective in clinical practice, on a community and global level, in research, and in epistemology.

This book is an important contribution to art therapy theory and will be a crucial text for all art therapy students, academics, researchers and practitioners.


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