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This Means this this Means that a Users Guide to Semiotics

written by Sean Hall

Laurence King Publishing | ISBN 9781856695213

Spiral bound – 176 pages


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Semiotics is the theory of signs. Signs are amazingly diverse: from simple road signs that point to a destination, to smoke that warns us of fire, to the culturally-conditioned symbols buried within art and literature, our reading of signs is very much a part of everyday life. Yet semiotics is often perceived as a mysterious science. This introductory book decodes the mystery of semiotics using visual examples instead of abstract theory.Divided into 75 key semiotic concepts, each short section of the book begins with a single image or sign, accompanied by a question that invites us to interpret what we are seeing. Turning the page, we can compare our response with the theory behind the sign. In this way, we actively engage in creative thinking.Read straight through or dipped into regularly, this book provides practical examples of how meaning is made in contemporary culture.


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