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The Ballets Russes in Australia and Beyond

written by Mark Carroll

Wakefield Press | ISBN 9781862548848

Hardback – 368 pages


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Tours to Australia and New Zealand during the 1930s by Colonel Wassily de Basil’s Ballets Russes mark a watershed in the cultural life of the two nations. Local artists rejoiced in the opportunity to learn about European high art firsthand, while audiences and the public at large were jolted from the conservatism that shrouded post-Depression Australia.

The Ballets Russes in Australia and Beyond draws together essays by leading international and national scholars, who explore the rich legacy of the Ballets Russes. A dazzling array of pictures brings to life the sheer vitality of the companies in a way that makes the volume indispensable to balletomanes, scholars and lovers of the arts in general. Contributors: Jane Albert, Alan Brissenden, Mark Carroll, Lee Christofis, Michael Christoforidis, Joel Crotty, Helen Ennis, Gillian Forwood, Nicolette Fraillon, Lynn Garafola, Stephanie Jordan, Valerie Lawson,


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