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The Bridge

written by Robert Billington, Sarah Billington

Peribo Pty Ltd | ISBN 9781863220149

Hardback – 120 pages


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The Sydney Harbour Bridge has dominated it's landscape boldly for almost seventy five years. It remains a source of pride and achievement for Australians as well as our most famous symbol world-wide. But it is much more than a magnificent engineering feat. In The Bridge, photographer Robert Billington captures its graphic beauty in storm and sunshine: but he also captures the whimsical -a bridge danced upon by children and conquered by energetic climbers. In this stunning collection of black and white images, captured between 1993 and 1999, the familiar arch emerges as an imposing and often surprising backdrop to many parts of Sydney. Masterful images combined with evocative anecdotes, captions and poems have made Robert Billington's The Bridge a bestselling Australian book and an exquisite and timeless monograph to Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge.


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