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Public Sydney

Drawing the City

written by Peter Cantrill, Philip Thalip

Thames and Hudson | ISBN 9781876991425

Hardback – 232 pages


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By means of exquisite scale drawings, Public Sydney describes and celebrates the public buildings, rooms and spaces of central Sydney, Australia's founding metropolis. It presents almost 100 of the city's most important public places in plan, cross-section and elevation, supported by images, and provides an overview of their evolution. Accompanying essays from leading architects, landscape architects, historians and academics offer keen insights into the city's underlying geography, urban character and most recognisable and well-loved public elements. Representing over a decade of effort, research and recording, this book comprehensively illuminates Australia's oldest city. For anyone with an interest in Sydney, or cities in general - particularly architects, landscape designers, planners, engineers, historians and administrators - it offers a deep appreciation of the making of the city over time, and will be an indispensible resource and continuing inspiration.


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