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500 Essential Graphic Novels

written by Gene Kannenberg

Ilex | ISBN 9781905814299

Paperback – 528 pages


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In "500 Essential Graphic Novels" the finest paperbacks, collections and hardcovers from around the world are gathered together for the first time in a volume that reveals the sheer diversity and rich talent that abounds in this visually thrilling medium. The creme de la creme of contemporary graphic novels are listed with a plot breakdown, the creators, publisher, date of first collected release, ISBN and, of course, a review.Every review in this work is star rated and also employs a simple age rating so that parents can see what is suitable for their children, whatever their age. The reviews are also cross-referenced, so that a title like Gen, a biographical war story, has its main entry in the War chapter, but also a link in the Biography section. "500 Essential Graphic Novels" also contains a Foreword by distinguished graphic novelist Garth Ennis, co-creator of the forthcoming HBO TV series "Preacher". It is an indispensable reference book for any comic fan, graphic novel novice, library or school.


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