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The Brueghels

written by Victoria Charles

Parkstone Press | ISBN 9781906981426

Hardback – 256 pages

Part of the Mega Square series.


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The Brueghels, Pieter the Elder, Pieter Brueghel the Younger ( Hell Brueghel ) andJan Brueghel the Elder ( Velvet Brueghel ), embody one of the largest dynasties of Flemish painting. Beyond their history, their masterworks bear witness to the priceless contribution of this family in the evolution of northern European painting.Refusing the canons of Italian mannerism, the masterworks printed here illustrate the artistic independence of the Brueghels and the Flemish Renaissance. In popular and allegorical scenes, Pieter the Elder and his heirs denounce the daily preoccupations of the people and the general unrest due to the Spanish occupation. In this splendid, richly documented work, the authors, emile Michel and Victoria Charles, shed new light on Flemish painting from the 15th to the 17th century.

Artist: Pieter Bruegel


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