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Bruno Leti

The Matrix

written by Sasha Grishin, Anne Kirker, Bruno Leti, Alan Loney, Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Macmillan Art Publishing | ISBN 9781921394300

Hardback – 148 pages


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In printmaking, the matrix, is the object that carries the image the artist has made with the intention of making an impression on a piece of paper when it is run through a press at high pressure. It might be a block of wood, a piece of linoleum, a slab of glass or a metal plate. The British Museum has made a practice of collecting not only famous artists' prints, but also the matrices from which they were made. Bruno Leti has a studio full of old matrices, beautiful objects in themselves, even if they are no longer useful after a print has been editioned. This book celebrates the 'Matrix', with extraordinary photographs and illuminating texts.


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