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Twenty-five Years of Australian Geographic Photography

written by Australian Geographic

Woodslane | ISBN 9781921683336

Hardback – 224 pages


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A quarter of a century ago, the Australian Geographic journal began documenting an Australia only thrown a passing glance by other media: a land of red dirt, big skies and faces etched with experience of this sometimes harsh and unforgiving land. Founder Dick Smith's love for the Aussie bush manifested itself in a not-for-profit Society committed to exploration, conservation and adventure, and a quarterly journal dedicated to presenting a positive view of Australia. From the first issue that appeared in December 1985, Australian Geographic has engaged the finest photographers to illustrate the words of our best writers. They have criss-crossed the country, with the occasional foray beyond these shores, to document our land, its geography, geology, history, industry, agriculture, wildlife and most powerfully, it people. This book is a celebration of those journeys - a pictorial showcase of the stories that have engaged, informed and entertained for 25 years.


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