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written by Christopher Makos

Assouline | ISBN 9782843232794

Hardback – 72 pages


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Christopher Makos, described by Andy Warhol as "the most modern photographer in America", has a history of seeing trends, fashions and social movements long before most others. His book White Trash, published in 1977, attracted a lot of attention, and included mavens of contemporary culture along with pictures of the emerging punck rock music scene. In 1981, inspired by Rrose Selavy, the famous photographs Man Ray took of Marcel Duchamp in drag in 1921, Christopher Makos created the Altered Images series of Andy Warhol. Until now, the story behind the pictures, including the extent of Andy's participation and enthusiasm, has never really been told. Andy includes every image from these historic photo sessions, along with the inside story of the vibrant collaboration between Warhol and Makos.


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