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Rembrandt Erotic Sketchbook

written by Norbert Wolf

Prestel | ISBN 9783791335117

Hardback – 64 pages


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Rare and intimate works by one of the art world's masters are beautifully presented in an exquisite book that allows readers the feeling of looking over Rembrandt's shoulder. A painter celebrated for his portraits, Rembrandt excelled at capturing the sensuality of his subjects. This collection of drawings and prints showcases Rembrandt's finest erotic work. Some of these pieces were originally created as studies, while others were intended solely for private enjoyment. Each possesses the sublime qualities that distinguish Rembrandt's work: emotional intensity, the artist's frank and unwavering gaze, an acute understanding of the human body and the ability to suggest its energy and grace in just a few lines. Packaged to replicate an artist's notebook, this latest volume in a popular series features an embossed cover and informative text. Its simplicity and beauty make it the perfect gift for a friend or a lover.

Artist: Rembrandt


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