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Camera Work

The Photographic Work of Stieglitz, Steichen and Strand Between Europe and America

written by Pamela Roberts, Alfred Stieglitz

Alinari 24 Ore | ISBN 9788863020281

Paperback – 144 pages


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Frequently described as one of the most beautiful and influential publications in American art, "Camera Work", a magazine for the more advanced photographer, flourished between 1903-1917 and is Alfred Stieglitz's visual and written love poem to photography. The Time appearing ripe for the publication of an independent American photographic magazine devoted largely to the interests of pictorial photography, 'Camera Work' made its appearance as the logical outcome of the evolution of the photographic art.
"It is proposed to issue quarterly an illustrated publication which will appeal to the
ever-increasing ranks of those who have faith in photography as a medium of individual expression, and, in addition, to make converts of many at present ignorant of its possibilities".
With such unpretentious words did Stieglitz open his brief editorial in the first issue of "Camera Work" published in January 1903.
Stieglitz was the dominant force in American fine art photography for almost 30 years from
1892-1920. During that period, he was involved with every important development in creative photography's struggle to be accepted as an interpretive art form in its own right rather than as a purely mimetic recording medium.


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