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  • Did you see that?

    If you've seen the recent feature film 'Mr Turner', you may have noticed a familiar painting - the Gallery's own 'Chaucer at the court of Edward III' by Ford Madox Brown.

    4 years, 10 months ago, by Josephine Touma

  • The rose and the thistle

    It sounds like the name of an English pub, doesn’t it? But I’m talking about the two plants that inspired a fabulous floral display in our exhibition of two 17th-century paintings from the National Portrait Gallery, London.

    5 years, 5 months ago, by Josephine Touma

  • Tick, tick, tick... Bacon and time

    What have snail slime, police mug shots and a 17th-century painting of a cardinal's head got to do with a Bacon triptych?

    7 years, 1 month ago, by Josephine Touma

Josephine Touma
Senior coordinator, public programs

Josephine Touma is senior coordinator, public programs, which involves organising and delivering talks, tours, workshops and other programs for Gallery visitors, with a focus on European art. She has also completed her PhD at the University of Sydney on 18th-century French painter Antoine Watteau.