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  • Would you wrap yourself in your best friend?

    Would you wrap yourself in your best friend? Artist Anne Graham proposes just such an idea in her series of felt coats and hats - made from a combination of sheep wool and dog hair - displayed alongside photographs of curators and artists wearing the garments, with their pet dogs in tow.

    3 months, 1 week ago, by Kerry Head

  • Have I got your attention?

    In the highlands of Papua New Guinea, some young men wear wigs decorated with bright bird plumes as part of a traditional bachelor cult. Just like in nature, these fine feathers are used to attract attention.

    5 years, 5 months ago, by Kerry Head

  • Not your average jewels

    Twelve scrotum of marsupial tree-dwellers are not the sort of thing you’re likely to find on a piece of modern personal adornment, but when in Wonenara in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea...

    5 years, 8 months ago, by Kerry Head

Kerry Head