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  • Kimsooja in conversation

    Kimsooja discusses her experiences as an artist and her work on display in 'Here we are', an exhibition featuring some of the most compelling women artists of today.

    3 months, 4 weeks ago, by Natalie Seiz

  • Different journeys

    On display in the 'Fearless' exhibition along with works by other contemporary South Asian women artists, an installation by Dayanita Singh and a woodcut print by Zarina are now part of the Gallery's collection. They offer two very different kinds of journey.

    1 year ago, by Natalie Seiz

  • These women are fearless

    The last time the Art Gallery of NSW held a group show of women artists of the Asian region was in 1999. ‘Fearless’, which is currently on display, is the first exhibition of South Asian women artists ever held at the Gallery.

    1 year, 3 months ago, by Natalie Seiz

Natalie Seiz
Curator of Asian art