Armchair travel: Indochina

    • 	Image: Halong Bay, Vietnam. Courtesy of
    • With Christopher Hartney

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Until the 1950s Indochina was a French colonial possession where nations Laos and Cambodia and Vietnam were welded together to form an incredible, stunningly beautiful and powerfully tragic
crossroads of human culture.

Christopher Hartney opens seven windows upon Indochina: the remarkable atmospheres, the social revolutions that came with Western thought, the cultural upheavals, the stunning sense of East-West cooperation, the food and music, and the brutality that cemented French control of the region.

Chris will lead the Art Gallery Society of NSW tour of this region, Indochina: the full story, in February 2014. Find out more

10am Coffee, Domain Theatre Foyer
10:30am Talk, Centenary Auditorium

Saturday 10 August 2013, 10am

$15 member & non-member

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Duration 1 hour, 30 minutes
Location: Domain Theatre foyer

Image: Halong Bay, Vietnam. Courtesy of