Chinese contemporary art: the past, present and future

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Dr Zhao Li, professor in art history at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, presents an introduction and brief history to the emergence and development of Chinese contemporary art.

Chinese contemporary art has been referred to as art since China’s reform and opening up policy. It is divided into three different periods: in the 1980s, ‘To the diversities ’; in the 1990s, ‘Blend into the global’; and in the 21st century, ‘Positioning China’. Each period shows the artists’ pursuit of the individualities and their multifaceted thinking toward the rapid changes of society and their own life, as well as the collision and exchange of different cultures.

Dr Zhao Li has served as the Deputy Director of the Art History Department and Vice President of the College of Humanities at CAFA, and also as distinguished research fellow at the Institute for Cultural Industries at Peking University, researcher at the Institute of Fine Arts, China National Academy of Painting, and art director at Art Beijing Art Fair. His work focuses on art history, theory, Chinese calligraphy and painting, contemporary art criticism, art economic research, exhibition planning and promotion. He has also participated in numerous curatorial projects, including the China Pavilion of the Venice Biennale in 2009.

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中国当代艺术: 过去、现在和未来

赵力博士, 北京中央美术学院艺术史教授, 将介绍并讲述中国当代艺术的产生和发展简史。

中国当代艺术是指自中国改革开放政策开始以来的艺术。它分为三个不同的时期: 1980年代的“走向多元化”、1990年代的“融入全球”和21世纪的“定位中国”。各个时期显示了艺术家们对社会和个人生活的急遽变化、以及不同文化的碰撞交流等多方面的思考和对个性表达的追求。

赵力博士曾担任中央美术学院美术史系副主任和人文学院副院长,也是北京大学文化产业研究院特聘研究员,中国国家绘画学院美术研究院研究员及“艺术北京”博览会的艺术总监。他的研究主要着重于艺术史、艺术理论、中国书画、当代艺术评论、艺术经济研究、展览策划及推广。他还参与过多个策展项目, 包括2009年威尼斯双年展的中国馆。

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Image: Zhang Xiaogang The boy who sticks out his tongue 2001