Dance workshop with Brooke Stamp BOOKED OUT

    • This is the dance, this is now the dance

      Workshop, Performance

Join Melbourne-based dance and choreographic artist Brooke Stamp for a workshop focusing on improvisation, score building and the foundational elements of her unique dance practice.

The workshop is open to people with all levels of flexibility, movement and experience. Using some of the ‘authentic movement practice’ principles developed by Mary Starks-Whitehouse in the 1950s, Brooke will teach you how to explore movement derived from the active imagination and spontaneous processes. You’ll engage in drawing, observing, writing and dancing as a way to generate movement and strengthen your awareness of your body in space.

Presented in association with the exhibition Taking form, the workshop will be held the day before artist Agatha Gothe-Snape’s performance of Inexhaustible present, which is based on a movement score developed and choreographed by Brooke. It will shed light on the rigorous process behind Gothe-Snape’s performance and aspects of live contemporary art more broadly.

Saturday 31 August 2013, 3pm

Free, bookings required

Duration 2 hours
Location: Function space

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